Exhibition review: Berliner Zeitung

January 30, 2010

Fritz Kahn’s “Man as Industrial Palace” adorned the front-page of the special supplement to the 26th “Long Night of the Museums” in Berlin. The symbiosis between art and science was the main focus. Feuilleton editor Ingeborg Ruthe commented on the motif and the Kahn exhibition in the introduction:

“It was one of the most brilliant symbioses of science and art, produced by the popular science business of the Weimar Republic. Posterity ows this exemplary book illustration on ‘man machine’, which was also reproduced as a poster, to the Berlin physician and scientist Fritz Kahn. He had to flee Hitler’s Germany in 1933. Now his witty legacy has returned in a lovingly and meticulously prepared exhibition – perfect for all ages! – in the Berlin Museum of Medical History of the Charité.”
According to Ruthe the exhibition visualizes, “how a museum of medical history can have a bridge-building function, as soon as humans ask about the meaning, purpose, and consequences of their existence on earth.” More than 3,500 people visited the Fritz Kahn exhibition during today’s “Long Night of the Museums” in Berlin.
Berliner Zeitung (Caption and Text in German)