Book recommendation: Translations 4 Symposium

November 29, 2013

The fourth Translations Symposium, hosted by the design laboratory Gutenberg and the faculty for communication design of the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany, was entitled Design of Knowledge. The two-day event explored how designers analyze complex content and display it comprehensibly. Among the speakers were Stefanie Posavec (London), Oliver Reichenstein (Zürich, Tokyo), Jan Schwochow (Berlin), and the Dutch designers Joost Grootens (Studio Joost Grootens, Amsterdam), Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen (LUST, The Hague), Joris Maltha, and Daniel Gross (catalogtree, Arnhem). In his speech, Michael Stoll – professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany – presented selected examples from his international collection of rare books, focusing on the history of information design. Stoll emphazised the role of Fritz Kahn as a pioneer of the genre, showed images from his popular sciences books, and recommended the new monograph Fritz Kahn to the many symposium attendees.

Translations 4 Symposium (website)