Book review: DIE WELT / Hamburger Abendblatt

October 5, 2013

A full-page article in another leading German newspaper, DIE WELT, published in a literary supplement on the occasion of the Frankfurt International Book Fair, is dedicated to the new book on Fritz Kahn. In his review, journalist Hans-Joachim Müller writes: “A lavish illustrated volume celebrates the forgotten science author Fritz Kahn as a pioneer of information graphics. … One is almost overcome by melancholy when thumbing through the terrific book edited by Uta and Thilo von Debschitz.” He states that when Kahn explained the world to his audience, “there were no interactive bar charts, no animated PowerPoint presentations, the term ‘information graphics’ was not created yet.” He sees a certain charm in Kahn’s works, referring to earlier times when one could “narrate science as adventure”. Müller compares the work of Kahn with a “leavening agent, briskly mixed from one part futurism and two parts positivism”, which is not entirely consumed even now.

DIE WELT (full review in German, also published in “Hamburger Abendblatt”)