Book review: Dreisechsnull

March 1, 2014

In its news section, Dreisechsnull magazine reviews the Fritz Kahn monograph in a review entitled “Man in images”: “When a single hair loops 30 meters around the body, the human heart pumps an elevator up five floors, cells potter around in underground tunnels, we still don’t know what keeps the world running. But we see how man operates. All hairs bound together in one single hair grow one meter in 40 minutes, the heart pumps 10,000 litres of blood through the human body per day – enough to lift an elevator. Doctor Fritz Kahn illustrated in 1926 what makes humans tick. […] TASCHEN has published a new edition of the masterpiece Man Machine. Whoever thumbs through it, realizes: This is me.” – Dreisechsnull is a magazine (circulation: 330,000) for business clients of Deutsche Telekom, one of Europe’s leading telecommunications companies.