Book review: Kulturradio RBB

April 9, 2014

“A discovery!“ Danuta Görnandt of German radio station Kulturradio RBB pronounces positive judgment on the new monograph Fritz Kahn. In her review, she states among other things: “Fritz Kahn did what one often would love to be proficient with when the human body is explained in natural scientific or medical lingo. Where we are about to surrender to complexity, Fritz Kahn finds metaphors and analogies describing the intricate mechanism of common human existence, and – more important – in a visual way. … These depictions have the advantage that they entertain and inform at the same time. … Fritz Kahn is a cross-generational book for a wonderful, witty, and informative voyage into our own bodies.” Kulturradio RBB rates the monograph with five “K”, its highest available score. – Kulturradio is a program of German broadcasting station RBB, providing up-to-date cultural information.

Kulturradio RBB (full article in German)