Book review: Multimania

February 26, 2014

In its issue 46 (February/March 2014) Multimania – a bimonthly German magazine for contemporary multimedia culture – published a review of the Kahn monograph. Headlined “About Insects and Homunculi”, journalist Lutz Granert writes, among other comments: “The description of processes in the human body may be sometimes boring to laymen. But that doesn’t count for illustrations of a physician who felicitously simplified complex processes with impressive images. With the comprehensive volume FRITZ KAHN, the work of this pioneer of information graphics receives a tribute. […] FRITZ KAHN is an exemplary review of a great visionary’s extensive oevre, even if not all evidence of his visual work is included – he just had created too much. […] The coffee-table book follows Kahn’s credo: numerous images, little text – and so, exactly for this reason, it is easy to understand, extensive, and interesting even for people who are not normally interested in science.”

Multimania (website in German)