Book review: Natur

December 28, 2013

In his article entitled “A visualizing genius”, Journalist Martin Rasper writes about the “magnificent” new monograph about Fritz Kahn. Rasper states that Kahn transformed anything worth knowing into images. “The burden of air pressure? Like carrying stell safes on one’s shoulders. The durability of the skin? Strong enough to hold a high-wire artist on a strip of only two or three centimeters. Body heat? Like a boiler melting 30 kilograms of ice. […] Kahn was totally aware that his simplifications were only metaphors and that reality is much more complicated. But his comprehensive knowledge and the will to depict it in an accessible way amazes even today.”– Natur is a German special-interest magazine about nature with a monthly edition of 62,400 copies.

Natur (German website)