Book review: Science Friday

December 9, 2013

In her article entitled “Fritz Kahn’s Fantastical Journey Through the Body”, Science Friday’s SciArts producer Annie Minoff writes about Kahn’s goal to “educate the public about how their bodies worked using familiar machines and other objects as visual metaphors for biological processes. A new book, Fritz Kahn, reacquaints us with this pioneer of popular science communication.” Minoff explains that “graphics weren’t Kahn’s only tool for demystifying science. While his captions could be surprisingly dry (a stark contrast to the near-psychedelic images they described), he could also be an engaging and whimsical essayist”. The Science Friday article also cites Uta von Debschitz, co-author of the Kahn monograph, who mentions her favourite Kahn image and exemplifies how Kahn found powerful ways of communicating to non-scientists.

Science Friday (full article)