Book Review: The Illustrated Forest

January 18, 2015

The Illustrated Forest, an independent review site “dedicated to showcasing fantastic picture books”, judges the FRITZ KAHN monograph as a “truly inspirational book. [… ] Each turn of the page offers something different, and of course unexpected. Kahn’s ability to make science more approachable is masterful. [… ] With so many images contained this is a book to while away the hours with, epitomising as it does the notion that learning can be fun. [… ] Turning a complicated subject matter from the exclusive to the inclusive, FRITZ KAHN is a weighty tome that will be as entertaining on the hundredth viewing as it is the first. This surreally delightful book is sure to tickle the fancy of anyone with a love of science, graphic design or visual expression. In short, everyone will love this book.”

The Illustrated Forest (complete review)