Book and exhibition review: Deutsches Ärzteblatt

March 4, 2010

Fritz Kahn is the subject of a three-page article by Nobert Jachertz, the long-time former chief editor of Deutsches Ärzteblatt. Reffering to the monograph “Fritz Kahn – Man Machine / Maschine Mensch” (a “perfectly designed volume”) and the Charité-exhibition (“the machine-man in exciting contrast to Virchow’s specimens”), he portrays Kahn as a representative of modernity. His method of public education, which was influenced by Futurism, could also be understood as an “art”, the author says, but in any case as an interpretation of the society of his time. Deutsches Ärzteblatt has been an official organ of the medical profession since 1872 and is distributed to all physicians in Germany. With 405,000 copies, the weekly publication is Germany’s larges- circulation medical journal.
Deutsches Ärzteblatt issue 9/2010 (full article in German)