Exhibition: Image Factories

January 15, 2018

Even 100 years ago, typographers, scientists and graphic artists worked on a picture-based “language” that used the universal understanding through images. “Words separate, images unite“ was the motto for a new visual language created by Otto Neurath, who – like Fritz Kahn – stands out as one of the pioneers of popular infographics. Under the title “Bildfabriken. Infografik 1920-1945. Fritz Kahn, Otto Neurath et al.”, this exhibition of the German Book and Script Museum of the German National Library is dedicated to the visual masterminds Fritz Kahn and Otto Neurath. It deals with the rediscovery and profiling of the image as an information and communication source at the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition is based on the publications preserved in the German National Library, but also shows objects from US, British, Dutch, Austrian and Swiss archives, as well as unique pieces from the collection of the Debschitz siblings. The exhibition was opened in Leipzig on September 7, 2017, and will last until April 8, 2018 (closed on Mondays and January 15–22, 2018).