Talk: QVED 2015

February 27, 2015

At QVED 2015, Thilo von Debschitz presented highlights from publications by Dr. Fritz Kahn. His speech was part of a program section focusing on information design, curated by Professor Michael Stoll. – QVED (Quo Vadis Editorial Design) is an annual, international design conference held in Munich where designers, journalists, and publishers report about their projects. Among the speakers of 2015 were Steven Heller, Roger Black, and John D. Berry (USA), Muir Vidler, Steven Watson, and Jeremy Leslie (Great Britain), Paul Maréchal (Canada), Jaap Biemans (the Netherlands), Filip Blazek (Czech Republic), Veronika Burian (Spain), Nicolò Degiorgis (Italy), Mike Koedinger (Luxembourg) and the German creatives Herlinde Koelbl, Heika Hinze, Jan Schwochow, Jörg Bommel, and Oliver Sperl. (Photo: Andreas Baier)

Video of the talk (German with English subtitles)