Reference: For the deeper sense

November 5, 2016

None of our senses is deeper connected with our memory than the sense of smell. Shouldn’t we pay as much attention to this dimension in the context of design as we do in other media? Martin Hegel and Matthias Wagner K examine this question in their book “Für den tieferen Sinn – Duft als Medium in Kunst, Design und Kommunikation” (For the deeper sense – smell as medium in art, design, and communication; Spielbein Publishers, German, 2016). The cultural managers of the Museums Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany, want to inspire creatives to apply smells and scents in their (workaday) life more consciously and to accept smell as a shapable medium. In addition to his famous images “Man as Industrial Palace” and “Biology of a Roast’s Smell”, five more illustrations from Fritz Kahn’s oeuvre can be found in the publication; they frame an interview with physician and biologist Hans Hatt, one of Germany’s most renowned smell scientists. An introduction of Kahn by Uta von Debschitz accompanies the interview.

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