Lecture: SenseMaker Dialogs

September 21, 2011

SenseMaker DialogsThilo von Debschitz guided the SenseMaker Dialogs audience at Pratt Institute on a journey into history: He summarized his work on Fritz Kahn (1888–1968), whose popular science books and images he stumbled upon by mere chance. The designer von Debschitz was blown away by the communicative impact of the book illustrations, which made complex facts easy to grasp in an understandable and visually attractive way. This discovery resulted in an intense research which he conducted with his sister. In their monograph Fritz Kahn – Man Machine / Maschine Mensch, the siblings provide public access to the inspiring life and work of Fritz Kahn. At the SenseMaker Dialogs, Thilo von Debschitz not only presented an introduction to Fritz Kahn, but also discussed cognitive visual concepts by other creative thinkers, some of whom have been influenced by Fritz Kahn’s work. The lecture took place at Pratt Institute, 144 West 14th Street, New York City. – SenseMaker Dialogs is an annual speaker series organized and sponsored by Humantific. Its focus is on managing complexity, for example through innovative and sense-making methods of information delivery. Previous speakers at SenseMaker Dialogs include architect, designer, and creator of the TED conference Richard Saul Wurman, Marshall Clemens (Idiagram), and Brian Willison (Parsons Institute for Information Mapping).
SenseMaker Dialogs (on Flickr)