Interview Borck: univadis

March 28, 2010

Medicine portal univadis published an elaborate interview as a special article, entitled “Fritz Kahn: a solitaire in a league of his own”, which quotes findings from the monograph “Fritz Kahn – Man Machine”. Professor Cornelius Borck, head of the institute for the history of medicine and science studies in Lübeck, Germany, emphasizes Fritz Kahn’s influence on the creation of the modern idea of mankind: Based on functional principles and structural characteristics, Kahn’s depictions are exemplary even now; his knowledge, delivered by analogies from the world of engineering, enhanced our wonder and amazement at our own bodies. Many philosophical spirits ot the times were combined in Kahn’s personality. He participated in all the radical experiences of modernization in the early 20th century. In his books, the author focused on a reconciliation between man and machine, on a “new adoption of the body out of a technical familiarity”.
univadis (full interview as PDF)